It appears as though 2020 isn’t quite done with us and we’re still suffering the lockdown blues here in 2021. Even before we pile the pandemic on top of it, the stress of Valentine’s Day can be a lot. 

Here, at Sleepbo, we know how much a weighted blanket can help comfort. So, we’ve come up with 5 fun things you can do with your partner and a weighted blanket to make this year’s Valentine’s Day during lockdown an extra special one:

  1. Build a Wicked Cosy Fort
  2. Indoor Cosy Picnic
  3. Cosy Movie Night
  4. Get Intimate
  5. Get Even More Intimate

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at a distance from your loved one, you can still feel the comfort of a nice warm hug.

Weighted Blankets match the feeling of a hug. So, even if you’re alone this year you can still share that embrace with the help of the weighted blanket. 

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1. Build a Wicked Cosy Fort

Building a blanket fort isn’t just for the young. You can build one too and make it extra cosy with a weighted blanket. 

Enjoy the cosiness of your blanket shelter, hang up some lights, and watch a movie while snuggled under your weighted blanket. Or, just enjoy each other’s company. It’ll be like a fun stay home vacation.

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2. Have an Indoor Cosy Picnic

Just because it’s winter and you have to stay inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice picnic. Cook up your favourite meal and enjoy a fun picnic with your loved one wrapped in the comforting folds of your weighted blanket.

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3. Have a Cosy Movie Night

Take movie night to the next level and cuddle up under a weighted blanket. It’s like being embraced by your loved one and then some. Who doesn’t like extra hugs?

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4. Get Intimate

Have an extra cosy cuddle with your loved one wrapped in the folds of a weighted blanket. You’ll both feel like the little spoon, and everyone knows how comforting that feels.

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5. Get More Intimate

Did you know that a weighted blanket could help improve your sex life? A weighted blanket is designed to help you sleep better. 

Both sleep and sex sort of go hand in hand. More sex equals more sleep and more sleep equals more sex. Who knew?

If you want to be more intimate in the bedroom, perhaps a weighted blanket is the answer.

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Get Yourself a™ Weighted Blanket

If you don’t yet have a weighted blanket, we suggest you get one, or your partner one, because otherwise you’re missing out. In fact, why not take advantage of’s special Valentine’s Bundle deal.