Understanding Sleep And Why It’s Important

Why do we need sleep? and what happens while we sleep? Understanding sleep and seeing it as an important part of life is the key to achieving more of it. Without sleep, you would lose many important and necessary repair and restore functions that occur in the brain during this time.

One of the main reasons why we need sleep is due to that fact that our day is filled with so many new and exciting information. The brain needs the time to process all the new things you learned but also needs the time to clear out and restore for the next day to start the process over again. During sleep, your body is working just as hard as it does when you’re awake without you even knowing. It’s crazy to think how busy our body and brain are during a period of time where we are imagining running away from a dragon or sipping mojitos on the beach in Cuba.

What Exactly Happens While We Sleep?

  1. Your body works to repair muscle, organs, and other cells.
  2. Chemicals circulate in your bloodstream, strengthening your immune system.
  3. Your brain clears out the information you don’t need, it sorts and processes the information attained during the day.
  4. Hormone productivity. Certain hormones increase or decrease during sleep based on the days and nights activities.
  5. Your sympathetic nervous systems relax.
  6. Cortisol levels lower.

There has been an extraordinary amount of research done on sleep; why we sleep, what happens when we sleep, why we dream and so on and so forth. The one thing that stands out to every researcher and to everyone reading these articles is that without sleep our bodies will not be able to function correctly the next day. This means without sleep, the human body can experience a series of issues which make day to day functions uncomfortable and hard to do.

Have you ever experienced an all-nighter? or not being able to sleep for 2 days straight? Not being able to achieve more than 2/3 hours of sleep a night? How does your body feel? Most people feel groggy, exhausted, they may experience a loss of appetite or memory issues. This is all because your body and your brain have not had the time to repair and restore itself. It is obvious that sleep is such an important part of everyone’s day, but why do some people experience sleep problems?

understanding sleep

Addressing sleep issues is a complex matter and doesn’t just deal with one or even two issues at a time. One common trigger to having sleeping issues is stress. Stress has a massive impact on the human body which is no surprise why it would cause a massive strain on sleep. It’s a vicious cycle, you experience stress during the day, so you have trouble falling asleep at night, which causes you to feel more stressed so when you finally do fall asleep and wake up you feel stressed and tired because your body had a hard time repairing itself.

It’s truly a mess. However, because so many people experience these issues, a variety of techniques and products have popped up to help people achieve sleep they so desperately need. Things such as sleep or calming spray are on the market to help people relax before falling asleep but the most popular product on the market today is weighted blankets. Many people have had success using weighted blankets. We hear things like “I stayed asleep throughout the whole night”, “I didn’t wake up once”, ” I slept like a baby”. There is a calming factor to hearing the reviews on weighted blankets, have we finally find a sleeping aid that has a great success rate?

Knowing that so much occurs while your sleeping can be both motivational and scary. Let there be comfort in the fact that while sleeping your body takes care of itself and sets you up for success the very next day. Also, take comfort in knowing that there are so many resources out there for you to achieve great and much-needed sleep.

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