Fun Facts About Hot and Cold Sleepers

Do you tend to wake up in the middle of the night annoyed and uncomfortable? Is it hard for you to regulate your body temperature while you sleep? It can be troublesome when you wake up feeling very hot or very cold, not able to get a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

For those who sleep hot, we know the feeling of getting up sweaty and having to change or shower and for those who sleep cold we definitely understand the feeling of freezing feet and blanket stacking.

We have compiled fun and educational facts about cold and hot sleepers for our readers to explore. So which one are you? Hot or cold sleeper?

Women tend to sleep colder during the night

Women tend to feel colder at night more than men do because women are better at conserving heat then men are. This also means that because women’s body is built differently and contains different types of fat, blood rushes to important parts of the body leaving things like your fingers, toes/feet etc being cold.

It Might Be Menopause

Women all over the world go through menopause and experience intense hot flashes. There is no clock or timer set for your hot flashes to hit so at night time if your experienceing extreme hotness and are going through menopause then that is your answer.

Memory foam is your best friend

If you are a cold sleeper memory foam products are your best friend. Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of your body, helping to trap heat for you to stay warm throughout the night.

Moisture Wicking MAterials Are your best friend

Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and bamboo are highly breathable and will allow air to circulate your body and help to decrease nighttime sweating. Get rid of heavy, heat-trapping down comforters and sleep on a wicking mattress and use cooling pillows instead. Memory foam mattress and pillows are not good for hot sleepers as they will trap the heat inside them, removing the pathway for air circulation while you sleep.

Want to learn how to stay cool while sleeping? Check out our cool bedding for hot sleepers article out! And if you’re a cold sleeper we have the perfect product for you here.