My Komfies Experience & How I Overcame Cold Feet

Hi there! If you’re here, then that means you suffer from cold feet just like I do. Perhaps, you also want to find out how the kuddly Komfies changed my life and if they could change yours too.

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Let me tell you why you need to pick up a cosy pair for yourself.

This is my Komfies experience.


It all began when I was still very young. I would always get cold feet. I kept socks on all throughout the day and definitely all throughout the year. Yup, even in the blistering heat. It was the only way I could keep my feet warm.

The socks were great and all in keeping me warm, but here’s the caveat. My toes would get sweaty because they couldn’t breathe, and the socks were prone to getting dirty since I went EVERYWHERE with them on.

Bottom line? I. Needed. Slippers.

I tried a few different kinds of slippers. Some were too fuzzy and did great at keeping my feet warm, but the sweat always limited just how warm they could be. Then I tried some open-toed slippers, but that kind of defeated the purpose of warming my feet, so that was a no-go. 

My research led me to discovering this brand called™. They focus on comfort products like blankets and hoodies, but I saw that they also sold slippers.

What really caught my attention were the Komfies and let me just say, “they’re game changers.”

TOASTY TOES, the perfect solution

The Komfies are designed to keep your feet warm all day long. What’s even cooler is that you can take the removable insert and heat it up in the microwave for an additional 30 minutes of extra warmth!

The cherry on top?™ is a company that is based purely in the UK. That’s right,™ is located right here at home! I’m all for supporting local businesses, so that made it that much easier to buy the Komfies!

Amazing benefits

Here’s what the Komfies have to offer:

  • Made with 280 GSM plush
  • Removable and Heatable clay inserts
  • Provides up to 30 mins of additional warmth
  • Available in two fun colours: Earl Grey and Taffy
  • Non-slip Soles
  • 100% UK-based
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The Komfies sounded like the perfect footwear to help with my cold feet. 

An even better price

When I bought my Komfies, kuddly was having a sale where you could save up £60 off! So, I went ahead and ordered myself the Earl Grey colour which is a soft and beautiful grey. 

There’s currently a massive sale on!

Super quick delivery

They arrived fairly quickly thanks to the company being local.

In fact, I received them practically the next day. Here they are:

The best purchase I ever made

As soon as I slipped my frozen feet into the Komfies, I knew I had reached heaven. They were so soft and comfy, almost as if they were made of clouds! I walked around the house for a good 10 minutes, just appreciating the cosy sensation.

The Komfies were exactly what I was looking for!

Testing out the extra heat feature

The komfies come with such a unique feature that makes them the best slipper out there. You can heat up the small clay inserts for an extra amount of heat.

Of course, I had to test it out.  I removed the clay inserts and popped them into the microwave. I made sure to only heat them up for 30 seconds. Then I placed them back in the komfies. It was surprising how easy this was to do. 

When my feet slid into the Komfies, I thought I could cry. The extra warmth felt so good. It was extremely soothing. 

A must buy

So, if you find yourself facing cold feet and a selection of slippers that don’t cut it, try looking into the Komfies by™.

I guarantee you won’t regret it!

And if you somehow don’t enjoy them, then™ guarantees your money back within 30 days.

Don’t miss out on the cosy goodness. Invest in a pair of Komfies, today!

         Shop Komfies today!